Our Process

Our Process

Thank you for your interest in Artisan Design Building & Remodeling. We are excited to assist you with your Residential Remodeling and Design Needs. First, we would like to thank you for affording us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project(s).
We pride ourselves on providing the most skilled craftsmanship and the highest level of customer service. In accordance with that we have prepared this package for you to ensure that we all have a full understanding of what is expected from all parties and we will address all facets of the process.

In Home Consultation

Upon our first in home meeting together our goal is to get a better understanding of your needs and wants.
This is our opportunity to see your space, hear your ideas, your “must have list” and your “wish list.” During
this time we will most likely take some basic measurements, get a look at the logistics of the project,
propose some fresh ideas and answer any questions you may have. If you have a copy of your floorplan or
blueprints, please be prepared to share a copy with us as it can be very helpful. During our efforts to help
you create a new and exciting space we as an Experienced Design Build Firm have a Full Understanding of
what it takes to have a Healthy and Successful Experience for our Respected Clients. This meeting allows
us all to get to know each other, look at the scope of work in your home, address any questions you may
have, discuss your budget, and learn what you expect. So what happens next? Upon our initial in-home
meeting we should now have everything that we need to provide you with an ESTIMATE.

What is an Estimate?

An ESTIMATE is simply an educated guess.  As a Knowledgeable and Experienced General Contractor
and Design Build Firm we can typically provide an estimated cost for a project but it will have to be based
on a lot of assumptions. Providing you with an ESTIMATE for your project allows you to see if what you
want to do is feasible and within your budget before proceeding to the next step. At Artisan Design, Building
& Remodeling we offer ESTIMATES as a “starting point” along the path to a FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL.

Design & Selection Process

The DESIGN AND SELECTION PROCESS is the part of the process where you are invited to our
Showroom located at 865 95 th Ave N. Naples, FL 34108. Our Interior Design Team will work with you to
obtain all of the information necessary to create your dream space. We will begin the process to ultimately
provide you with a full set of 3D renderings. If ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS are required we will begin the
process with our Architectural Team and Engineer if necessary. In some cases, depending on the scope of
work it may be necessary to have a FULL SET of these drawings to proceed. Additionally, this is the time
where you will begin looking at all of the selections required so that we may provide you with a FIXED
PRICE PROPOSAL. There is a lot of time and effort put forth at this time by all parties. The 10%
RETAINER will be applied toward your REQUIRED DEPOSIT if you choose to proceed with the work. ALL
FEES associated with the Architectural Drawings must also be paid in full. NOTE: Should you elect not to
proceed at any point the RETAINER is Non-Refundable. A Full Set of the current drawings will be provided
to you.

What is a Fixed Price Proposal?

A FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL is literally a fixed price for a fixed and fully described scope of work. This is
one way to make sure you will get what you expect for an agreed price. In other words, there is no way a
contractor can provide a FIXED PRICE and a Complete Written Scope of Work until the project design,
specifications and details have also been agreed to in advance. In certain circumstances we provide
allowances for specific line items in a FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL, e.g. Plumbing & Electrical work. These
specific parts of the project are typically based off of the Actual Cost of Labor and Materials. It is almost
impossible for us to determine exactly what we will find as we proceed with the project most especially with
these trades. Example: If certain items are not to current building code it is necessary to bring such items to
the most current building code. Most Sub-Contractors will OVER BID when asked to provide a FIXED
COST PROPOSAL as they need to cover themselves for the “UNEXPECTED.” No matter how much
planning and preparation we do there is always a possibility that we will find something unexpected that
needs to be resolved. If that happens we will notify you IMMEDIATELY with the issue as well as possible
resolutions which would then be followed up by a CHANGE ORDER. Our FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL offers
you the Homeowner a Detailed Proposal with each Line Item broken down for a complete understanding of
the scope of work and the costs associated with each item based off of your selections and specified
products. Home owners collecting ESTIMATES should seek to find out why one contractors price is
different than another before deciding. Once we have provided you an ESTIMATE and you wish to proceed
with the process a RETAINER of 10% of the ESTIMATE is Required.

Upon Acceptance

We encourage you to review the FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL and contact us at 239-431-8973 with any
questions you may have. You may also schedule a meeting to review the FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL
together. We would be pleased to discuss the FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL with you and assist you so that
you have a full understanding of the PROPOSAL and the process.

Upon Acceptance of the FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL we will begin the PERMIT Application process if
applicable. At this time it is also important that you have a full understanding of the Rules & Regulations of
your Community. For Multi Family Residences and Community living there are by-laws pertaining to your
project that you may not be aware of. In most cases approval from your Homeowners Association and
Architectural Review Board may also be required. It is the Homeowners Responsibility to ensure that such
documentation is provided. It is our responsibility to provide you with Certificates of Insurance and Licensing
and any specified materials and plans requested by your Association. We are always willing to assist you as
needed during any and all phases of the project. We ask the same from our respected clients.
As there are also additional community and or building restrictions such as periods of time that we may not
be permitted to work in your residence or time restrictions set by your community, we ask that you assist us
in obtaining your specific community rules and regulations pertaining to the scope of work. In most
instances your Property Manager or Building Manger will be the best point of contact for the documents
needed by all parties.

How Long Does it take to get a Permit?

Unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball although we wish we did. It is almost impossible to answer this
question with exact precision. The county or city that you reside in is responsible for the timing involved in
this part of the process. Although we do request updates as to where we are in your PERMIT
APPLICATION PROCESS we are still unable to schedule commencement of such work until this very
important step is completed.
At the time of your project we can only project what we have experienced with our most recent duration of
the PERMIT PROCESS. Upon receipt of the APPROVED PERMIT we will provide you with a DETAILED
SCHEDULE of the timeline for such work within Three (3) Business Days.
If Permitting and ARB Approval is NOT needed we will provide you with a DETAILED SCHEDULE AND
TIMELINE within Three (3) Business Days from the time we have received both a FULLY EXECUTED CONTRACT & REQUIRED DEPOSIT.

What will the schedule look like?

At this point we will have made you familiar with our software program and our convenient mobile device app. You will receive a login and
password to your Project Details, which an be accessed on your computer , Mobile devise or tablet. You will have the ability to login
24/7 and see everything in real time including the weather. ALL of the following information will be provided
to you: Complete Scope of Work, your FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL, All of your Selections and
Specifications, Drawings, Photos, and a Complete Detailed Schedule including any up to the minute

To summarize, EVERYTHING pertaining to your project can be found there. We update your file weekly
with photos as a convenient feature for our respected clients that may be out of town during the remodel.
We even offer an Idea Book for your added convenience during the SELECTION PROCESS. Although we
are confident that you will enjoy all of the benefits of this easy to navigate software program, rest assured
we are always a phone call away to further assist you if needed.

What is a Change Order?

A CHANGE ORDER is work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of work. However,
depending on the magnitude of the change it may or may not alter the original contract amount and or
completion date. A CHANGE ORDER may also force a new contract to handle significant changes to the
current project. Rest assured that it is equally important to us to that we communicate thoroughly with you if
this situation were to exist and that we will always have your best interest at heart.

When and how do we make payments?

At the beginning of the FIXED PRICE PROPOSAL process you will have already provided us with a 10%
Retainer in most cases. This RETAINER will automatically be applied to your INVOICE. In most cases an
ADDITIONAL 40% will be required in order for us to proceed. As the work proceeds and a significant portion
is Completed we will send DRAW REQUESTS for additional payment(s) of up to date work. If any CHANGE
ORDERS are required additional payments may also be required. Balance for Completed Work is due Upon
Receipt. Payments can be made via check or conveniently through our invoicing system as a bank transfer.
If you require a credit card as your form of payment a 3% convenience fee will be applied.
We hope that this informative packet assists you with a clearer understanding of our process and you find
this to be a helpful tool. We at Artisan Design Building & Remodeling take great pride in ensuring that our
Respected Clients have a smooth, knowledgeable and enjoyable experience every step of the way.